Pupils set to return to fire-damaged high school next year

A blaze gutted Peebles High School in the Scottish Borders back in November.

Peebles: High school gutted by blaze in November. Scottish Borders Council
Peebles: High school gutted by blaze in November.

Pupils are expected to return to a fire-damaged secondary school in February.

Peebles High School in the Scottish Borders was gutted by the blaze on November 28, with more than 40 firefighters called to the scene.

The local authority has now announced all children are set to return to the school by February 4.

Tracey Logan, chief executive of Scottish Borders Council, said: “Although work continues, we are now fairly confident that, all going well, all pupils will be able to return to Peebles High School over the two days of February 3 and 4.

“This still depends on a number of factors but with the help and support of a huge range of staff and partners, we are very optimistic that we can achieve this.

“I am delighted that we are in such a positive position so quickly given the scale of the challenge.

“We will continue to work on the details around these plans and will keep pupils, parents and staff updated as we make more progress.”

Fire: Peebles High School.

All S4-S6 pupils are set to return on Monday February 3 after their preliminary exams finish on January 31.

The local authority said S1-S3 pupils will return the following day to ensure the return to the site is managed safely.

Some areas will remain out of bounds due to fire damage or recovery work on-site.

Pupils will use unaffected areas of the main building, with additional temporary classroom space being put in place and new timetables created.

Before Christmas, the council confirmed all preliminary exams would take place on campus between Monday January 13 and Friday January 31.

When they return from the Christmas break on Monday January 6, the current interim teaching and transport arrangements will remain in place, with S1-S3 pupils accommodated within Peebles.

The S4-S6 year groups will be taught in Galashiels between January 6 and January 9 until preliminary exam leave starts on Friday January 10.

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