Who we are

STV has been serving the people of Scotland for over 60 years. Although technologies have changed, our values haven’t. The team at STV News are committed to delivering news you can trust. We work hard to make all of our reporting impartial, accurate and fair as well as engaging, entertaining and reflective of Scotland’s diverse society and culture.

Our team

STV News employs over 100 journalists at our newsrooms across Scotland. A dedicated digital staff work on this website, creating original journalism and collaborating with colleagues in our news teams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness to bring you high quality reporting from across the country.

Trust is the foundation of our work and we are transparent in how we operate. The journalists working on this website are:

  • Lesley Kinney
  • David Lewis
  • Jenness Mitchell
  • Victoria Pease
  • Bryan Quinn
  • Rachel Guy
  • Peter Cassidy
  • Andrew Coyle
  • Kevin Scott
  • Fabiana Cacace
  • Gianni Marini
  • Lewis McKenzie

This team has a range of responsibilities including editing, video production and written articles. We use bylines on our stories to indicate who has written them. This includes members of the digital team and reporters in our newsrooms across Scotland.

We also make use of a small number of reputable news agencies – such as the Press Association.

How we work

Our television programmes are regulated by Ofcom and covered by the Broadcast Code. This is a broad set of principles and guidelines designed to ensure viewers can trust what they watch and to offer recourse when needed. Currently, this regulation does not extend to the content we publish on our website but STV News employs the same standards regardless of whether audiences consume our stories on TV or on our website and social media channels.

All of our journalists uphold our values and obligations, and operate to a high ethical standard. In particular they:

  • Work within the Broadcast Code with a specific emphasis on fairness, impartiality and accuracy

  • Make robust endeavours to ensure that everything that is broadcast or published has been checked and verified

  • Receive regular training and updates in recognition of the role that editorial judgement plays in informing the content of our programmes and website

Our corrections policy

We will occasionally get things wrong. The rights of reply and recourse are core values of STV News and all complaints are dealt with seriously and with respect.

We can be contacted through our dedicated enquires service. This ensures that all contact is documented and fully tracked through to resolution. The service can be reached at enquires@stv.tv or by telephone on 0141 300 3704 (10am to 2pm Monday to Friday).

Our registered office is: STV, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1PQ

You also have the right to raise any concerns about STV News broadcast content directly with Ofcom. There are a range of contact options which can be found on its website.

Contact us

We are always happy to discuss our journalism or address any concerns you may have. Our newsrooms can be contacted at news@stv.tv

Equality, diversity and inclusion policy

STV Group plc is committed to valuing and promoting equality of opportunity for all. This approach is fostered in all of our activities but especially in areas of recruitment, employment, training and promotion.

We will create a working environment where all employees can give their best and develop their potential irrespective of their gender (including sex, marriage and gender reassignment), race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality, and national origin) disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, or age.

Furthermore, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our workforce and strongly encourage applications from candidates from all backgrounds and as a Disability Confident employer we will offer an interview to disabled candidates who meet the minimum criteria for the role.