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We are STV Central Limited, a company registered in Scotland (company number SC 172149) with our registered office at Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1PQ (“STV”).

This Cookie Notice applies to our News website ( and our News application (“App”) (the “Services”), regardless of the platform you use to access them. Whenever you use our Services data may be collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies.

In this Notice we explain what cookies are, the types of cookies we use on our Services and what we use them for; that other people may use cookies on our Services; how you can opt out of viewing more relevant ads based on data we collect, including from cookies and how you can manage and control cookies.

If, after reading this Notice, you are still struggling with cookies or want additional information on cookies we use on our Services, feel free to contact [email protected].

Please note that we update our Cookie Notice from time to time, so please take a fresh read through every so often. If we make significant changes, we will make that clear on our Services, or by some other means of contact such as email.

This Cookie Notice if effective from 27 November 2019.


What are cookies and what are they used for?

A Cookie is a small amount of data which often contains a unique identifier that is sent to your computer, tablet or mobile phone web browser when you visit a website or App. If your web browser settings allow it and when you give consent (consent is not required for cookies that are Strictly Necessary), such cookies are stored on your device’s hard drive and are read by the website or App on each subsequent visit.

Cookies do many different jobs. They let you move from page to page efficiently. They allow us to collect data about your experience of our Services which helps us improve the performance of our Services and make your visits and use of our Services as straightforward, efficient and enjoyable as possible. They can also help to ensure that adverts (ads) you see online are more relevant to your interests.

Some cookies are erased when you close the browser on your website or App (“sessional”). Others stay longer, sometimes in perpetuity, and are saved onto your device so they’re there when you come back (“perpetual”).

What are similar technologies and when are they used?

Local storage performs very similar functions to cookies. It involves the storage of local files on the hard drive of the device you use to access our News App on Apple (iOS) and Android devices. Like cookies, local storage can be sessional or perpetual and can do many similar jobs.

When we talk about “cookies” in this Notice we mean cookies or similar technologies.

What types of cookies are used?

Subject to your consent, the following types of cookies are used on our Services. Your consent is not required to cookies that are Strictly Necessary.

  • Strictly Necessary cookies enable you to move around our Services and to use their features, for example, remembering your preferences. If your device or web browser is not set to receive them, aspects of our Services will not work for you.

  • Performance cookies are used in analytical services provided by other organisations on our behalf to help us to profile people who use our Services and to better understand how they use them.

    Analytical services allow us to:

    • recognise your web browser or device if you have used our Services before;
    • count the number of visitors to our Services;
    • analyse patterns of behaviour among our users- see what parts of our Services are most popular;
    • test different versions of a page or feature and how information is presented to you to see which one works best;

    which, in turn, allows us to:

    • improve our Services and deliver a better user experience; and
    • deliver more relevant ads to you.

    If you do not allow these cookies we will not know when you have visited our website or App, as appropriate and will not be able to monitor their respective performance(s).

  • Advertising cookies are set by our advertising partners. Some have functional purposes such as capping the number of times you see an ad, but most enable Online Behavioural Advertising “OBA” (also known as ‘behavioural targeting’ or ‘interest based advertising’) which delivers ads to you that are more relevant to your interests.

    (a) OBA cookies remember a user’s web browsing activity. Shared interests, based upon, and inferred from, the websites you have visited, are grouped together. Ads you view will be determined by these interests. For example, if you visit a sports’ section of a website and searched other websites for sport, that interest – together with the shared interests of other web users – might be grouped together as ‘sport loving” and you may be served ads for sport and sports’ related goods or services.

    (b) Personalised retargeting is a form of OBA that enables our advertising partners to show you ads based on your online browsing away from our Services. Therefore, when you use our Services, you may see ads for products or services from websites you have visited away from our Services. These cookies will usually be set by advertising partners that are working with many advertisers and ad agencies.

    Without these cookies, ads you see may be less relevant to your interests.

  • Functional cookies allow us to remember choices you make when using our Services. That helps make your use of our Services more efficient and enjoyable. Examples of the things functional cookies do including remembering your settings on your visits to our Services.

    Other organisations’ cookies may be set on pages of our Services where we include embedded content from other organisations like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. We cannot access or control these cookies. You should check the relevant organisation’s website for information about them. em.

The Cookies that are used on our Services.

Listed below are the cookies used on our Services.

Choices re cookies and the processing of personal data

When you visit our Services for the first time, and from time to time thereafter, you will be presented with choices regarding cookies and the processing of personal data. A cookie will be dropped to your browser recording the choices you make. This enables us to find out whether a device (and probably its user) has used our Services before and the choices made.

You can change your mind and alter your consent choices at any time by simply clearing cookies from your browser. That will delete the cookie that records your consent choices. Then, on your next visit, you will be presented with this banner again and you may alter your choices.

Managing cookies in your WEB browser

You can block most cookies by activating the settings on your web browser that allow you to refuse the setting of some or all cookies. However, if you block all cookies you may not be able to access all or parts of our Services, or you may experience reduced functionality when accessing certain services.

The links below take you to the website of some of the major web browsers where you can find out more about how to manage cookies they set.

Other web browsers

With new devices being created all the time, including tablets and phones, it is not possible to list every web browser for every device. It may be best to consult the manufacturer’s websites for further instructions regarding cookies.

Do Not Track (DNT)

Do Not Track is a feature offered by some web browsers which, when enabled, sends a signal to websites to request that your browsing is not tracked, (for example by advertising networks, social networks and analytic companies). Our Services do not currently respond to DNT requests.

Finding out more

If you would like more information on the use of cookies on our Services you can always contact [email protected].

Effective from: 27 November 2019