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Drug trafficker caught with £180,000 heroin haul jailed

Police discovered nearly two kilos of the Class A drug during a raid on a Edinburgh flat.

Edinburgh High Court: Drug trafficker jailed. PA

A drug trafficker has been jailed after he was caught with around £180,000 worth of heroin in an Edinburgh flat.

Police armed with a search warrant discovered Craig Dimelow with nearly two kilos of the Class A drug, quantities of adulterant and equipment used for cutting the drug.

The 28 year-old’s DNA was discovered on a face mask contaminated with heroin, paracetamol and caffeine recovered from the flat on Captains Drive, Gilmerton.

A stun gun was also found which belonged to 54-year-old Ian Newlands who was the council tax payer for the property.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard police had mounted a surveillance operation and saw that Dimelow regularly visited the property.

Advocate depute Eric Robertson told the court that “substantial quantities of Class A drugs, adulterant and paraphernalia for mixing powders” were recovered following the search at the address frequented by Dimelow.

He added the case also concerned “the recovery of a prohibited weapon in terms of the Firearms Act, namely a stun gun, from the possession of the accused Ian Newlands”.

Dimelow, a self-employed painter and decorator, was seen to arrive at the flat on October 31 last year with another man in a van and both went into the close at Captains Drive empty handed.

Dimelow left minutes later with a bulky carrier bag and the pair then drove to a car park at Dalgety Bay, in Fife.

The other man took a pair of white overalls from the van and put them in a litter bin with Dimelow in attendance.

After they left detectives checked the bin and found the carrier bag, containing nearly £9000 worth of heroin, under the overalls.

Mr Robertson said after gathering intelligence police were granted search warrants for the flat in Captains Drive and Dimelow’s home in Leving Place, Livingston, in West Lothian.

When they turned up at the Gilmerton flat they found Dimelow was there alone with almost two kilos of heroin, 38kg of paracetamol and caffeine used to cut the Class A drug, along with face masks, sieves and a press.

A further search at his home in West Lothian turned up £10,740 in cash.

When he appeared in court Dimelow admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin between October 31 and November 21 last year.

Newlands pled guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon, the stun gun.

The judge, Lord Woolman, remanded Dimelow in custody while a background report is prepared on him ahead of sentencing.

Sentenced was also deferred on Newlands who had his bail continued.

Dimelow is also facing proceedings to seize any crime profits from him.

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