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Python feared to be on the loose after escaping from home

Snake Lillith has gone missing from her vivarium at home in East Kilbride.

Missing: Lillith has disappeared from her home. <strong>Aryanne Finnie</strong>
Missing: Lillith has disappeared from her home. Aryanne Finnie

A snake is feared to be on the loose in South Lanarkshire after escaping from her enclosure.

Royal python Lillith disappeared from her vivarium at home in Calderwood, East Kilbride, on Sunday, October 27.

Owner Aryanne Finnie has appealed for locals to keep an eye out for the non-venomous pet.

She added that Lillith has a neurological disorder, which makes her slightly confused of her surroundings.

Worried: Owner Aryanne Finnie. STV

Miss Finnie told STV News: “My initial fear was that she’s went through to neighbour houses.

“That is the last thing I want because she is not going to hurt you. She is a great little animal.

“She obviously has that neurological disorder that causes her to be a wee bit more vulnerable.”

Miss Finnie has been “tearing her house apart” in the hope that Lillith has got under the floorboards.

She said: “She has obviously done a very good Houdini.

“I am concerned that she has went under the floorboards.

“Snakes tend to go for warm, cramped places that are dark – they just like to feel secure.

“So she possibly has went under the floorboards, felt the warm pipes and kind of travelled that way.

“If she was out in the cold I would be absolutely terrified and don’t think I’d be finding a live snake.”

Miss Finnie, who has a number of other pets, stressed that Lillith is not a threat to the public.

She added: “There’s absolutely no threat to anyone.

“She has never bit me ever since I’ve had her since she was a baby.”

If you spot Lillith, Miss Finnie said to “give her a cuddle” and keep her in a darkened place.

Following that, call the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.

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