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Security guard murdered when own van was reversed over him

Scott Pearson was convicted of killing Mohammad Abu Sammour in Lanarkshire.

Mohammad Abu Sammour:
Mohammad Abu Sammour:

A security guard was murdered when a man reversed his own works van over him.

Scott Pearson, 22, was convicted of killing Mohammad Abu Sammour following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

Mr Sammour, 49, was attacked and then, as he lay on the ground, his works van was reversed over him in Newarthill, Lanarkshire.

A jury at the High Court in Glasgow was told Mr Sammour suffered 83 injuries, including fractures to his face, skull and multiple rib fractures.

It’s thought the victim died from head, chest and pelvic injuries following the assault.

Nearby householders heard a commotion and a car revving and went outside to find him dying.

Outside court, lawyer Aamer Anwar spoke on behalf of Mr Sammour’s wife Fidaa.

He said: “Fidaa is grateful to the judge and jury for giving her justice today.

“Mohhamed Abu Sammour was a peaceful, kind man who showered his children and wife with love and affection.

“He made this country his home 17 years ago and dearly loved its people, but he was also held in high esteem by members of all communities.”

Mr Anwar made the comments as Mrs Sammour stood outside the court surrounded by friends and supporters.

The lawyer added the fight for justice for Mr Sammour is not over.

Mr Anwar said: “A third man, who cannot be named for legal reasons and was not present in court, was repeatedly accused of being part of the murderous attack on Mohammed.

“The killers showed Mrs Sammour’s husband no compassion or humanity and she states that she will carry the grief of his loss until her dying breath.

“In the end the name of Mohammed Abu Sammour will live on through their four son long after the names of his killers have turned to dust.”

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