Man who battered dog before throwing it onto road is jailed

John Poole punched and kicked the golden retriever on the head and body in Ayr town centre.

Police: The dog was attacked on Main Street, Ayr. <strong>CC</strong>
Police: The dog was attacked on Main Street, Ayr. CC

A man who battered his pet dog, threw it against a wall and hurled it onto the road in a busy town centre has been jailed for four months.

John Poole, 42, punched and kicked defenceless golden retriever Biscuit on the head and body and threw it against a wall.

Poole then hurled the animal into the path of oncoming traffic in the seaside town of Ayr.

He was arrested over the incident last month and held in police custody before appearing in the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Poole, of Ayr, admitted causing the dog unnecessary suffering by punching and kicking it on the head and body, throwing it against a wall and into the road, leaving it injured.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, by shouting at police officers and threatening them with violence, in his home street.

Police were called to the scene of the attack around 7pm on January 27 and Biscuit was rushed to a local vet for treatment.

But it is understood the dog will suffer no lasting damage.

Defence solicitor Mandy Stewart told the court that Poole is an alcoholic who is trying to overcome his addiction while complying with a court order imposed in another case.

She said he had relapsed around Christmas, culminating in him attacking his pet in the manner he admitted.

Sheriff Carole Cunninghame remanded Poole in custody ahead of sentencing and adjourned the case for background reports to be prepared.

And, when Poole returned to the dock on Monday the sheriff ruled there was only one appropriate sentence.

She jailed him for four months for the offence and also ordered him to relinquish ownership of Biscuit.

Poole was also banned from keeping animals for four years.

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