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Here are the candidates in Scotland for the general election

Voters across the UK will head to the polls on December 12, with Scotland picking 59 MPs.

Election: Voters go to polls on December 12. STV

A snap general election is taking place on December 12, with 59 seats in Scotland up for grabs.

The SNP, the Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Labour and the Scottish Liberal Democrats are standing in every seat, with the Scottish Greens running in 22 and the Brexit party and Ukip fielding a number of candidates across the country.

There are also a small number of smaller parties and independents running in various constituencies.

At the last election, in 2017, the SNP won 35 seats, the Conservatives took 13 in Scotland, Labour won seven and the Liberal Democrats claimed four.

Nominations for candidates closed on November 14, and a full list for each constituency in the country is now available.

The deadline to register to vote is November 26.

Nurul Ali (Labour)

Kirsty Blackman (SNP)

Isobel Davidson (Liberal Democrats)

Ryan Houghton (Conservative)

Guy Ingerson (Green)

Seb Leslie (Brexit Party)

Stephen Flynn (SNP)

Douglas Lumsden (Conservative)

Shona Simpson (Labour)

Ian Yuill (Lib Dem)

William Crossman (Lib Dem)

Neil Gray (SNP)

Helen McFarlane (Labour)

Rosemary McGowan (Green)

Lorraine Nolan (Conservative)

Dave Doogan (SNP)

Kirstene Hair (Comservative)

Ben Lawrie (Lib Dem)

Monique Miller (Labour)

Rhea Barnes (Labour)

Gary Mulvaney (Conservative)

Brendan O’Hara (SNP)

Alan Reid (Lib Dem)

Helena Bongard (Lib Dem)

Allan Dorans (SNP)

Martin Dowey (Conservative)

Duncan Townson (Labour)

Brian Balcombe (Labour)

David Duguid (Conservative)

Paul Robertson (SNP)

Alison Smith (Lib Dem)

Ian Davidson (Labour)

Calum Kerr (SNP)

John Lamont (Conservative)

Jenny Marr (Lib Dem)

Cheryl McDonald (Labour)

Karl Rosie (SNP)

Andrew Sinclair (Conservative)

Sandra Skinner (Brexit)

Jamie Stone (Lib Dem)

Emma Farthing (Lib Dem)

Louise McPhater (Labour)

Derek Stillie (Conservative)

Philippa Whitford (SNP)

Steven Bonnar (SNP)

Hugh Gaffney (Labour)

Patrick McAleer (Green)

David Stevens (Lib Dem)

Nathan Wilson (Conservative)

Roz McCall (Conservative)

Stuart McDonald (SNP)

James McPhilemy (Labour)

Susan Murray (Lib Dem)

Richard Arkless (SNP)

Alister Jack (Conservative)

McNabb Laurie (Lib Dem)

Ted Thompson (Labour)

Amanda Burgaue (SNP)

Nick Chisholm (Labour)

John Ferry (Lib Dem)

David Mundell (Conservative)

Michael Crichton (Lib Dem)

Rosalind Garton (Labour)

Stewart Hosie (SNP)

George Morton (Independent)

Duncan Scott (Conservative)

Ebot Arrey (Christian Peoples Alliance)

Daniel Coleman (Lib Dem)

Chris Law (SNP)

Jim Malone (Labour)

Stuart Waiton (Brexit)

Tess White (Conservative)

Rebecca Bell (Lib Dem)

Moira Benny (Conservative)

Douglas Chapman (SNP)

Mags Hall (Green)

Cara Hilton (Labour)

Amy Callaghan (SNP)

Rosie Dickson (Independent)

Pam Gosal (Conservative)

Donald MacKay (Ukip)

Liam McKechnie (Scottish Family Party)

Callum McNally (Labour)

Carolynn Scrimgeour (Green)

Jo Swinson (Lib Dem)

Erica Bradley-Young (Green)

Lisa Cameron (SNP)

Gail MacGregor (Conservative)

David Mackay (Ukip)

Monique McAdams (Labour)

Ewan McRobert (Lib Dem)

Craig Hoy (Conservative)

Kenny MacAskill (SNP)

Robert O’Riordan (Lib Dem)

David Sisson (Ukip)

Martin Whitfield (Labour)

Carolann Davidson (Labour)

Paul Masterton (Conservative)

Andrew McGlynn (Lib Dem)

Kirsten Oswald (SNP)

Sheila Gilmore (Labour)

Claire Miller (Green)

Eleanor Price (Conservative)

Mary Reilly (Lib Dem)

Tommy Sheppard (SNP)

Heather Astbury (Renew)

Deirde Brock (SNP)

Steve Burgess (Green)

Iain McGill (Conservative)

Gordon Munro (Labour)

Robert Speirs (Brexit)

Bruce Wilson (Lib Dem)

Alan Beal (Lib Dem)

Nick Cook (Conservative)

Catriona MacDonald (SNP)

Ian Murray (Labour)

Kate Nevens (Green)

David Ballantine (Brexit)

Mev Brown (Social Democratic Party Scotland)

Joanna Cherry (SNP)

Sophie Cooke (Labour)

Tom inglis (Lib Dem)

Callum Laidlaw (Conservative)

Ben Parker (Green)

Craig Bolton (Labour)

Elaine Gunn (Green)

Graham Hutchison (Conservative)

Christine Jardine (Lib Dem

Sarah Masson (SNP)

Safia Ali (Labour)

Tom McLaughlin (Green)

Johnny McNally (SNP)

Lynn Munro (Conservative)

Austin Reid (Lib Dem)

Elaine Gallagher (Green)

Faten Hameed (Labour)

Ewan Hoyle (Lib Dem)

Flora Scarabello (Conservative)

Alison Thewliss (SNP)

James Harrison (Lib Dem)

Thomas Kerr (Conservative)

David Linden (SNP)

Kate Watson (Labour)

Andrew Chamberlain (Lib Dem)

Dionne Cocozza (Brexit)

Tony Curtis (Conservative)

Pam Duncan-Glancy (Labour)

Patrick Grady (SNP)

Cass MacGregor (Green)

Lauren Bennie (Conservative)

Elizabeth McLaughlin (SNP)

Nicholas Moohan (Lib Dem)

Paul Sweeney (Labour)

Ade Aibinu (Conservative)

Patricia Ferguson (Labour)

Carol Monaghan (SNP)

James Speirs (Lib Dem)

Carole Ford (Lib Dem)

Dan Hutchison (Green)

Johann Lamont (Labour)

Stewart McDonald (SNP)

Danyaal Raja (Brexit)

Kyle Thornton (Conservative)

Peter Brown (Brexit)

Ben Denton-Cardew (Lib Dem)

Thomas Haddow (Conservative)

Matt Kerr (Labour)

Chris Stephens (SNP)

Pat Egan (Labour)

Victor Farrell (Brexit)

Peter Grant (SNP)

Jane Liston (Lib Dem)

Amy Thomson (Conservative)

Colin Clark (Conservative)

Heather Herbert (Labour)

James Oates (Lib Dem)

Richard Thomson (SNP)

Ronnie Cowan (SNP)

Haroun Malik (Conservative)

Martin McCluskey (Labour)

Jacci Stoyle (Lib Dem)

Ariane Burgess (Green)

Les Durance (Brexit)

Fiona Fawcett (Conservative)

Drew Hendry (SNP)

Robert Rixson (Lib Dem)

Lewis Whyte (Labour)

Alan Brown (SNP)

Caroline Hollins (Conservative)

Stef Johnstone (Scottish Libertarian Party)

Kevin McGregor (Labour)

Edward Thorney (Lib Dem)

Gill Cole-Hamilton (Lib Dem)

James Hanvey (SNP)

Lesley Laird (Labour)

Kathleen Leslie (Conservative)

Scott Rutherford (Green)

Mitch William (Brexit)

Angela Crawley (SNP)

Shona Haslam (Conservative)

Andrew Hilland (Labour)

Jane Pickard (Lib Dem)

Marc Bozza (Brexit)

Martyn Day (SNP)

Charles Kennedy (Conservative)

Gillian Mackay (Green)

Wendy Milne (Labour)

Sally Pattle (Lib Dem)

Mark Tunnicliff (Veteran and People’s party)

Hannah Bardell (SNP)

Charles Dundas (Lib Dem)

Cameron Glasgow (Green)

Caitlin Kane (Labour)

Damian Timson (Conservative)

Steve Arrundale (Lib Dem)

Rebecca Fraser (Conservative)

Danielle Rowley (Labour)

Owen Thompson (SNP)

Fiona Campbell-Trevor (Lib Dem)

Jo Kirby (Labour)

Laura Mitchell (SNP)

Douglas Ross (Conservative)

Rob Scorer (Ukip)

Angela Fenney (Labour)

Marion Fellows (SNP)

Meghan Gallacher (Conservative)

Christopher Wilson (Lib Dem)

Neil Wilson (Ukip)

Alison MacCorquodale (Labour)

Angus MacNeil (SNP)

Neil Mitchison (Lib Dem)

Jennifer Ross (Conservative)

Patricia Gibson (SNP)

Cameron Gilmore (Labour)

David Nairn (Green)

David Rocks (Conservative)

Louise Young (Lib Dem)

Wendy Chamberlain (Lib Dem)

Stephen Gethins (SNP)

Wendy Haynes (Labour)

Tony Miklinski (Conservative)

Luke Graham (Conservative)

Stuart Martin (Ukip)

John Nicolson (SNP)

Lorna Robertson (Labour)

Iliyan Stefanov (Lib Dem)

David Barnard (Independent)

Alistair Carmichael (Lib Dem)

Coilla Drake (Labour)

Jennifer Fairbairn (Conservative)

Robert Leslie (SNP)

Robert Smith (Brexit)

Gavin Newlands (SNP)

Julie Pirone (Conservative)

Ross Stalker (Lib Dem)

Alison Taylor (Labour)

Mhairi Black (SNP)

Jack Clark (Lib Dem)

Mark Dougan (Conservative)

Moira Ramage (Labour)

Peter Barrett (Lib Dem)

Angela Bretherton (Labour)

Angus Forbes (Conservative)

Stuart Powell (Brexit)

Pete Wishart (SNP)

Gavin Berkenheger (Conservative)

Kate Brownlie (Brexit)

Ian Blackford (SNP)

Donald Boyd (Scottish Christian Party)

John Erskine (Labour)

Craig Harrow (Lib Dem)

Richard Lucas (Scottish Family Party)

Margaret Ferrier (SNP)

Ged Killen (Labour)

Janice Mackay (Ukip)

Mark McGeever (Lib Dem)

Lynne Nailson (Conservative)

Stephen Kerr (Conservative)

Bryan Quinn (Green)

Fayzan Rehman (Lib Dem)

Mary Ross (Labour)

Alyn Smith (SNP)

Andrew Bowie (Conservative)

Paddy Coffield (Labour)

Fergus Mutch (SNP)

John Waddell (Lib Dem)

Peter Connolly (Green)

Martin Docherty (SNP)

Jennifer Lang (Lib Dem)

Alix Mathieson (Conservative)

Jean Mitchell (Labour)

Andrew Muir (Independent)

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