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Animation recreates abandoned Dundee Law railway tunnel

Experts at Jordanstone College of Art & Design used old photographs from the city archives.

The Dundee Law railway tunnel was once part of the line which carried the first passenger and goods trains in the north east of Scotland.

The trains stopped running in the mid-1800s and the entrances to the tunnel were built over.

However, thanks to the latest technologies, one of Dundee’s treasures has been opened up and scenes from a bygone age have been brought back to life.

A unique glimpse into Dundee’s past has been created by experts at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Using old photographs from the city archives, they’ve created an animation of the old Dundee to Newtyle railway, including the Lochee station.

Dr Kieran Baxter, a research assistant in the 3D Vis Lab, said: “We started off with an image and we modelled some of the components in the scene.

“This let us project the photograph into 3D so we got this sense of stereo and three dimensional space. Once that was done, we layered up other elements.”

Dr Alice Watterson, archaeologist and digital artist on the project, added: “When we first started the project we were like trains, Dundee Law, okay great.

“So we started reconstructing all these steam engines.

“But of course, as we talked to more people and dug into the history, we found out that when the trains were taken through Law Hill, the carriages were pulled by horses.

“So we went from ‘we need to reconstruct trains’ to ‘we have to include horses as well’. That was a kind of unusual thing that popped up.”

Dundee city council hosted an event about the Law, featuring the animation, on Monday evening.

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