Venomous snake dies after being bitten by eight-year-old boy

The cobra died after being bitten by a young boy in Chhattisgarh, India last Monday.

Venomous cobra snake dies after being bitten by eight-year-old boy in India iStock

A venomous snake has died in India after being bitten by an eight-year-old boy.

According to the Indonesian news site Detik, the child bit the cobra after being bitten first outside his house in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh last Monday.

The child, known as Deepak, did not suffer any injuries following the bite and recovered quickly.

Snake expert Qaiser Hussain told The New Indian Express that the bite from the snake was a “dry bite”, meaning that while it caused “great pain”, no venom was injected.

He said: “Deepak didn’t show any symptoms and recovered fast. Such snake bites are painful and may show only local symptoms around the area of bite.”

The child revealed he bit the snake after the reptile wrapped around his hand and he was unable to get it off.

“The snake got wrapped around my hand and bit me. I was in great pain.

“As the reptile didn’t budge when I tried to shake it off, I bit it hard twice. It all happened in a flash,” Deepak said.

He was rushed to hospital by his family, with medical officer Dr Jems Minj saying he was “quickly administered” anti-venom.

It’s understood there are 60 species of venomous snakes in India.