US woman sets record for world's longest female mullet

A nurse from the US with a mullet measuring an astonishing 172.72 cm (5 ft 8 in) has officially set the record for the world's longest mullet on a woman.

A nurse from the US who has not cut her hair for 33 years has officially set the record for the world’s longest mullet on a woman.

Tami Manis, 58, sports a mullet measuring an astonishing 172.72 cm (5ft 8in).

Manis, from Tennessee, last cut her hair on February 9, 1990 – the date she now considers to be her mullet’s birthday.

She typically keeps her long locks braided as her mullet is longer than she is tall.

Manis was first inspired to grow her hair in the 1980s when she saw the music video for Voices Carry by Til Tuesday.

“The girl had a rattail and I really wanted one of those,” said Tami.

In 1989, she cut her mullet and immediately regretted it. So she grew it again, and has never looked back.

“I’ve been blessed that my hair grows and now it’s the world’s longest mullet and I’m very happy with it,” she said.

As well as being a topic of conversation with her friends and family, Manis said people often remember her just because of her tresses.

“I’ve had people recognise me from 20 years ago because I’ve kept the same hairstyle,” she said.

Manis holds up her long locks / Credit: Guinness World Records

Last year, Manis came second in the “Femullet” division of the 2022 US Mullet Championships. The top spot was scooped by Michigan woman Alexa Lindsey.

The tournament is the largest of its kind and draws up to 1,000 entrants a year.

Soon after, Guinness World Records opened up the longest competitive mullet as a record category, and Manis decided to apply.

Being in the book of Guinness World Records is “pretty amazing”, she said.

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