Massive boa constrictor rescued from recycling bin

Police officers retrieved the large snake from a bin outside a house in Bristol last week.

Massive boa constrictor rescued from recycling bin SWNS via SWNS

A massive boa constrictor has been rescued by police after being found in a recycling bin.

Footage shows the snake being retrieved by officers and transferred into a bin for transportation.

The snake has now been passed to the RSPCA after being found in Bristol last week.

An Avon and Somerset Police spokesperson said: “Officers are used to dealing with the odd slippery customer with no leg to stand on but they received a rather unusual call-out on Wednesday evening in Lawrence Weston.

“At just after 6.30pm, we received a call from a member of the public who had found a ’12-inch’ snake near their house.

“Two officers after they adder look around the area were directed to a recycling box where they found the snake and it was safely moved into a container.

“After a quick word of fangs from the onlooking members of the public, the two officers resumed their patrols and the rest is hissssstory.

“The snake – believed to be a boa constrictor – was taken away by the RSPCA but we were unable to find out who it belongs to.”