Controversial fracking site 'renamed' as 'Liz Truss Career Memorial'

Google Maps received numerous reviews which mocked the Prime Minister while the name change was active.

Controversial Blackpool fracking site ‘renamed’ as ‘Liz Truss Career Memorial’ on Google Maps Google Maps

A Blackpool fracking site was briefly renamed to take a jab at the Prime Minister earlier this week as it appeared as the ‘Liz Truss Career Memorial’ on Google Maps.

The Google Maps amendment has now been removed, however Twitter user @marybaphomet spotted it before it was taken down, tweeting: “Someone’s renamed the fracking site near Blackpool. You absolute legend.”

During the time the name was up, the site received numerous reviews which mocked the Prime Minister.

One said the ‘memorial’ had “lots of space to practice U-turns in your car.”

Fracking in the area has been the subject of headlines in recent weeks after it caused two minor earthquakes at the controversial shale wells in Preston New Road near Blackpool.

Truss wants to boost fracking despite opposition from environmental campaigners, opposition parties and some Tory MPs.

Her first act in office was to lift the moratorium on shale gas drilling despite a 2019 manifesto promise not to allow fracking unless it was scientifically proven to be safe.

In a BBC Lancashire interview with Truss, the PM was pressed on the matter by presenter Graham Liver.

She was asked what “local consent” to fracking would look like and Blackpool South MP Scott Benton was quoted stating he “believes people in Blackpool South do not support fracking”.

Truss stumbled in her reply before stating: “The energy secretary will be laying out in more detail exactly what that looks like, but it does mean there is local support for going ahead.”