BT Group set to cut up to 55,000 jobs by end of decade to slash costs

The telecoms giant says it is working towards a leaner, 'brighter', future despite shrinking jobs by up to 55,000.

BT Group set to cut up to 55,000 jobs by end of decade to slash costs iStock

BT Group has said it will cut between 40,000 and 55,000 jobs by the end of the decade as part of plans to slash costs and overhaul its workforce.

The telecoms giant currently has around 130,000 employees but plans to reduce that number to less than 90,000 by the end of the 2020s, a spokesperson said.

But it could see up to 55,000 roles cut over the five to seven-year period.

The company said it wants to rely on a “much smaller workforce” and a reduced cost base, and to digitise its processes.

BT said that once its full fibre broadband and 5G network is rolled out, it will not need as many staff to build and maintain the network.

Chief executive Philip Jansen said: “By continuing to build and connect like fury, digitise the way we work and simplify our structure, by the end of the 2020s BT Group will rely on a much smaller workforce and a significantly reduced cost base.

“New BT Group will be a leaner business with a brighter future.”

He added the firm would be working with its union partners throughout the job cuts and would also rely on natural attrition – when an employee leaves the company but is not replaced.