‘World’s most expensive brick’ up for grabs at £25,000

Only 20 of the branded blue bricks have been produced as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

‘World’s most expensive brick’ up for grabs at £25,000 PA Wire

A Scottish architect has created what he believes is the world’s ‘most expensive’ brick as part of a £500,000 crowdfunding campaign.

Danny Campbell, 30, founded the home architecture firm Hoko in Glasgow in 2019 and now plans to sell branded blue bricks at £25,000 each.

The handmade Danish Kolumba brick was at one time believed to be the world’s most expensive brick used in construction, costing around 40 Danish krone (around £4.50) each.

Denmark also produced a limited run of solid gold Lego bricks, at one point presented to workers for long service, which have fetched more than £15,000 at auction.

Mr Campbell has produced 20 of the Hoko bricks, available through a crowdfunding campaign which launches on Thursday at hokodesign.com/crowdfunding.

He said: “With our crowdfunding campaign, Hoko will become the home architecture firm owned by homeowners.

“We are building something special – and those who own a Hoko brick are right at the heart of it and everything it will become.

“£25,000 may seem a huge amount for one brick, but it is so much more than that. It’s a chance to own part of home architecture’s history and its future.”

His firm uses virtual reality and artificial intelligence in its architecture projects, and share options in the crowdfunding campaign start from £25 rising to the bricks at £25,000.