Woman attacked five people after being removed from bar’s dancefloor

Julie Crummer assaulted three bouncers and two police officers at Arta in Glasgow city centre in November 2019.

Court: Julie Crummer was sentenced on Tuesday. Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service via Website
Court: Julie Crummer was sentenced on Tuesday.

A woman described as a “highly trained kick-boxer” assaulted five people in a bar brawl.

Julie Crummer attacked three bouncers and two police officers at Arta in Glasgow city centre on November 2, 2019.

The 38-year-old lashed out after being told to leave the bar while heavily intoxicated.

Crummer chewed door steward Clare Kilduff’s fingers for 60 seconds, breaking her skin, and also left her with a fractured jaw.


Police noted that Crummer was a “highly trained kick-boxer who used her skill in the commission of the offences”.

She pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to the five assaults, one of which was to Ms Kilduff’s severe injury.

On Tuesday, Crummer, of Falkirk, was ordered to undertake 225 hours of unpaid work and was put under supervision for 12 months by sheriff Valerie Mays.

She was also tagged for 135 days, keeping her indoors between 9pm and 7am except for December 25 and 31 this year.


Crummer was also made to pay Ms Kilduff £400 in compensation.

The court earlier heard that Crummer had been at a concert before heading to the bar.

Prosecutor Victoria Keel said that Crummer was “heavily intoxicated” and “annoying other customers”.

Crummer was warned about her behaviour and banned from buying alcohol at the bar.

She was then removed from the dancefloor by the door stewards but punched Ms Kilduff on the face in the process.

Ms Keel added: “When at the reception area, she began to fight with staff, assaulting Ms Kilduff by biting her left ring finger for approximately 60 seconds.

“She lashed out at other members of staff and assaulted them, including elbowing Niall-James Gillon to the stomach and face.”


A 999 call was made and officers arrived to see Crummer struggling with the door stewards.

Crummer attempted to kick out at police and she was handcuffed.

She then kicked the officers’ legs as they tried to put her in a cell van.

Ms Kilduff was taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary meantime for treatment to a red and swollen face, the bite to the ring finger which pierced the skin.

Ms Keel added: “An x-ray showed a fracture to her right jaw.”

Door steward Andrew Raeburn had a swollen left jaw and tissue damage.

Joanne McMillan, defending, told the court that Crummer is “extremely sorry and is ashamed of her behaviour”.

The lawyer added: “She doesn’t accept the reference to being a kick-boxer.

“She did a charity boxing match some years ago but this is the only time she said and doesn’t know where this originates from.”

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