Shop owners to walk out after council 'demand £16,000' in lockdown rent

Traders say that they have been sent bills ‘in excess of £16,000’ on top of their centre service charges.

The Lochs shop owners to walk out after Glasgow City Council ‘demand £16,000’ in lockdown rent Google Maps

Traders from a Glasgow shopping centre will close their shutters and stage a walkout after the council ‘demanded money’ to cover rent during lockdown periods.

Small, independent, and local businesses at the Lochs Shopping Centre in Easterhouse said they followed the Prime Minister and First Minister’s “orders” to close their stores on March 23 2020 amid the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

They claim they were not told about support grants or other measures of support during the global health crisis.

The businesses say they have been sent bills ‘in excess of £16,000’ for the period on top of their centre service charges from a letting agent acting on behalf of the City Property and Glasgow City Council.

At 12pm on Wednesday, traders will close their shops and walk out in protest “at the disdain in which Glasgow City Council is treating them”.

They have demanded that the letting agent City Property and councillor Paul Leinster meet with them in the centre, to see and hear the issue first hand.

Shop owners say they have repeatedly invited the letting agent for a meeting to constructively engage to sort a payment plan.

Some of the traders have been served with Notices of Irritancy – effectively an early termination of a lease.

Glasgow City Council has been contacted for comment.