Supermarket chain Aldi given planning permission to build new store

Councillors have granted conditional approval for the new outlet.

Supermarket chain Aldi given planning permission to build new store in Lenzie LDRS

Supermarket chain Aldi has received planning permission to build a new store in Lenzie.

Councillors have granted conditional approval for the new outlet, to be constructed on a site adjacent to Initiative Road.

Currently this site is mostly vacant but encompasses part of Woodilee Industrial Estate.

East Dunbartonshire Council received 44 representations in connection to the proposals, including 12 objections and 28 expressions of support including some from Waterside and Lenzie Community Councils.

An assessment of what the new store would mean to the local economy highlighted the creation of jobs but noted that this could bring a footfall reduction to Kirkintilloch Town Centre.

The report presented to councillors recommended a number of measures to offset any detrimental effects of the supermarket’s presence, including improvements to access routes to reduce dependency on cars, financial contributions towards the town centre and providing accommodation for other businesses to improve synergy with the town centre.

The conclusion of the report states: “Careful consideration has been given to all material matters related to the proposed development.

“As detailed within this report, it is recommended that the proposed development be granted due to the significant weight which should be given to other material considerations.

“Primarily the opportunity to stimulate investment and growth on the wider Kirkintilloch Business Gateway site through the development of a strategic site and delivery of significant improvements to pedestrian connectivity, as well as the delivery of significant community benefits through developer contributions.

“Therefore, on balance, the proposed development is considered to comply with the LDP as a whole and it is recommended that planning permission be granted subject to conditions and the conclusion of a legal agreement.”

With no councillors asking questions, the application was unanimously granted full planning permission subject to a list of 25 conditions.

One of these states that development cannot begin until site safety has been fully investigated due to historic mining activity in the area.