Soup kitchen to launch Scotland's first food truck for homeless

The Homeless Project Scotland (HPS) operates under Central Bridge seven days a week serving hot meals.

Soup kitchen to launch Scotland’s first food truck for homeless in Glasgow Twitter

A Glasgow soup kitchen is set to launch a new food truck to serve hot meals to vulnerable residents.

The Homeless Project Scotland (HPS) operates under Central Bridge seven days a week from 8pm onwards serving hot meals and providing advice to people most in need.

It will now be able to help those who are unable to make the journey into the city centre. 

No specific date has been set for the launch of the truck, which is the first of its kind in Glasgow, but the charity is appealing to local businesses to donate £2000 to the cause which will allow them to provide the free food service and offering free publicity to any enterprise that wishes to help them in return. 

Speaking about the latest development, Colin McInnes, chairman of the HPS, said: “We are launching our food truck in a couple of weeks. This will be the first homeless food truck in Glasgow and it is the only homeless food truck in Scotland.

“It will provide hot meals including breakfast to the homeless and vulnerable across Glasgow and the west. 

“We are also reaching out to businesses asking them if they would like to sponsor the truck for £2000 a year. We are looking for 20 businesses to come forward with the donation of £2000 which will go into providing the food and the gas for the truck as well as publicity for their business. 

“No one has been in touch with us yet but we are hoping people will come forward soon.”