‘Shopaholic’ behind bars for stun gun purchases

Yai Kain Cheung has been locked up for five years after pleading guilty to two charges under the Firearms Act.

‘Shopaholic’ behind bars for stun gun purchases iStock

A convicted rapist bought three stun guns online after claiming to have become a “shopaholic” following his release from jail.

Yai Kain Cheung was held in April last year after police raided his home in Springburn, Glasgow.

A package addressed to the 54-year-old from China had earlier been intercepted by UK Border Force officials.

A stun gun disguised as a torch was found inside.

Police went on to find two more of the weapons – described as “heavy duty” – in boxes at the takeaway restaurant owner’s home.

On Friday, prosecutor Louise Beattie said: “He admitted he had not researched the legality of importing stun guns.

“He stated that he was a shopaholic and ordered numerous items online from various companies.”

Cheung is now back behind bars after he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

He was locked up for five years after he pled guilty to two charges under the Firearms Act.

In 2010, Cheung was jailed for seven years having been convicted at the same court of the violent rape of a 29-year-old woman in the city.

In this latest case, Cheung told police he had paid £12 for the disguised stun gun on an internet shopping site.

He claimed to have then tried to cancel it due to the time it was taking to arrive.

Cheung admitted separately buying the two other stun guns from the same site for £10 each.

Ms Beattie told the hearing: “He stated that when they arrived, he put them in a drawer out of sight so his son could not get hold of them as he realised they were dangerous.”

Cheung’s lawyer said the devices had not been bought for any “criminal” purpose.

Alan Gravelle, defending, went on: “He is someone using these sites with great frequency.

“He described himself as a shopaholic and was making, what he said, were impulsive purchases running into the hundreds.

“These items were purchased in complete ignorance, which appears sincere.”