Man missing in Lanzarote for four weeks last seen 'unconscious' 

Gary Shearer, from Renfrew, was last in Celtic pub Bar 67 in the resort town of Puerto del Carmen on Thursday, March 16.

Renfrew man missing in Lanzarote for four weeks last seen ‘unconscious’ outside Celtic bar Michelle Shearer via Facebook

The family of a missing man last seen at a Celtic bar in Lanzarote four weeks ago has revealed he was last seen “unconscious”.

Gary Shearer, from Renfrew, has not been seen in the resort town of Puerto del Carmen since the night he arrived on March 16.

He has been described as 5ft 3inches in height, with grey/black hair, and walks with a “distinctive” limp.

The family of the 53-year-old, who have been conducting search parties on the Canary Island, have said they “have no idea where he could be,” and say he was last seen unconscious outside of Bar 67.

They are now being supported by foreign office officials and the island’s police force.

A social media post from his family read: “Just a little update to say that despite all possible sightings/leads people have given us, none of these have been Gary or have led to any information regarding Gary.

“We still have absolutely no idea where he could be.

“As it stands the last confirmed sighting we have of Gary is between around 11:30pm-12:30am outside of Bar 67, where he was laying unconscious and there has been nothing since.

“All hospitals have been checked, Gary is not in any hospitals.

“We as a family continue to ask for your support in trying to find Gary and ask that you please keep an eye out and continue to give us any information you may feel could be relevant in any way.

“Thanks again from all of the family for all of the support, we won’t stop until we find Gary.”

A Polícia Nacional spokesperson said: “We are seeking the public’s help in discovering the whereabouts of 53-year-old Gary Shearer.

“We urge anyone with any piece of information they think could be of interest to us and may help us find Gary to contact us.”

A Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has been reported missing in Spain and are in contact with the local authorities.”