Rangers winger Jordan Jones pleads guilty to careless driving

The Rangers attacker was caught undertaking cars and tailgaiting on the M8.

Rangers winger Jordan Jones pleads guilty to careless driving SNS

Rangers forward Jordan Jones was charged by police after undertaking cars and tailgating on the motorway.

The Northern Ireland international pleaded guilty on Monday to careless driving.

Jones, who was driving an upmarket Range Rover Sport, drifted over a chevron and white lines on Glasgow’s M8 and a junction of the M77 last July.

The 25-year-old from Redcar, North Yorkshire, also repeatedly carried out undertaking manoeuvres of various motor vehicles.

The former Kilmarnock star then drove too close to cars – failing to leave a safe stopping distance.

His charge states that Jones drove “without due care or attention or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or public place.”

Jones, who was not required to attend, pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court by letter.

He had initially faced a charge of dangerous driving.

Sheriff Alan Findlay deferred sentence until the end of the month and continued Jones’ bail in the meantime.