Polly want a tracker? Missing pet cockatiel rescued at sea

The small parrot landed on a fishing boat ten miles out at sea near Troon and has been named Hei Hei.

Polly want a tracker? Missing pet cockatiel rescued at sea

A cockatiel stow away was rescued after being found on a boat by a shocked fisherman – ten miles from the shore.

The pet parrot took refuge on the boat our at sea near Troon, South Ayrshire, much to the surprise of animal welfare officers who recovered it. 

The rescue was like a scene straight out of Disney film Moana – when her pet bird stows away on her boat.

Scottish SPCA is now appealing for information as it tries to trace the owner of the bird, which is in good health after its unusual adventure on September 18.

Rescue officer Sheena MacTaggart said: “This was a very unusual rescue, I’ve never been contacted about a bird finding its way so far out at sea.

“Thank goodness the boat was there so the bird found somewhere to rest.

“He had no obvious injuries, and was given some water and food before being taken to our centre in Ayrshire.

“We have named him Hei Hei after the bird in the film Moana who stows away on her boat. We thought it was very fitting.

“Hei Hei does have leg rings but we have been unable to trace his owner.

“If anyone recognises Hei Hei, please contact our animal helpline on 03000 999 999.