Plan for 1000 affordable new homes over next five years

West Dunbartonshire Council's housing committee has approved a new report for more homes.

Plan for 1000 affordable new homes over next five years iStock

A further 1000 affordable homes are to be developed throughout West Dunbartonshire over the next five years as part of the Scottish Government’s housing strategy. 

The local authority’s housing committee has approved a new report for more homes as part of its Strategic Housing Investment Plan (Ship) between 2022/23 to 2026/27, which will now be submitted to parliament for approval.

This Ship sets out funding priorities for new affordable housing throughout the council area while helping the Scottish Government meet its target of delivering 110,000 new homes by 2032.

At least 70% of the homes, which will be based at various locations including Clydebank, Queen’s Quay, Pappert, Lilac Avenue and Bank Street, will be social rented housing. 

West Dunbartonshire has been issued with a five-year funding of £55.8m until the financial year 2025/26

Around 200 new homes will be developed each year in order to meet the targets.

An update was brought before the housing and communities committee last week where questions were asked if the Ship could be expanded to include more areas.

Labour councillor John Mooney said: “I want to comment on the draft Ship for 2022 to 2026. I very much welcome the units proposed for development between that period in Lilac Avenue in Mountblow which is in my ward.

“We are being asked to approve the draft Ship so I just wanted to clarify if Lilac Avenue, could it be expanded with other developments within Mountblow? 

“Could that housing development be expanded?”

He was informed that the Ship is subject to change and is an evolving document. It is currently in draft status and the final version has not yet been completed. 

Peter Barry, chief officer of housing and development, said: “It is draft because we have to submit it to the Scottish Government for approval.

“The point about Lilac Avenue or any site and the finalised Ship can change and sites can be expanded depending on need.”

By local democracy reporter Catherine Hunter