Do you recognise anyone in these mystery photos found on the street?

An initial Instagram reel raked in almost 500,000 views, with two follow-up videos reaching nearly 100,000 views apiece.

A photographer has gone viral on Instagram after finding some mysterious negatives in a Glasgow street.

Rhianonne Stone told STV News she was walking down the city’s Bothwell Street when she spotted the seemingly-undeveloped negatives on the ground, outside the Aurora Building.

Upon bringing them home, she made a quick reel for the social media platform, asking people for advice on what to do next.

To her shock, the initial reel raked in almost 500,000 views, with two follow-up videos at nearly 100,000 views apiece.

Rhianonne Stone believes someone may have dropped the negatives accidentally. Supplied

“It just kept growing, and then I was told the negatives were already developed,” Ms Stone, a professional photographer said.

“I am a digital photographer, so I did not realise it myself at first. We then scanned the photographs into a computer for a better idea of what they were.”

Ms Stone said she was initially afraid the photographs depicted a cult meeting. Supplied

After scanning the images in, she saw that they appeared to feature a party in a “pub-like setting with ashtrays on the table” – which could mean they were taken sometime before 2006.

Ms Stone said: “After analysing the photos closely and doing some research I am fairly certain that they are at least 20 years old.

The ashtrays on the tables point to the images being taken in the late 1990s to the early 2000s. Supplied

“They are all wearing these similar blue clothes, with blue curtains, blue décor everywhere – to be honest, I initially thought it might have been a cult.

“But after spotting the blue candles on the tables, as well as the walls in the bowling shots, it looks more like a party at Kilmarnock FC.”

The photographs do appear to show a large group of people in a pub-like room.Supplied

The photographs do appear to show a large group of people in a pub-like room, surrounded by Kilmarnock FC motifs and team colours.

There is a bar in the images, as well as bowling lanes with images of Kilmarnock stands at a football match on the walls.

Images of the Kilmarnock stands at a football match adorn the walls. Supplied

The group appear to be celebrating with food and lots of drinks on blue-candlelit tables, dressed typically of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

“I want to find the people these photos belong to, and return them – it feels like someone may have dropped them by accident,” Ms Stone said.

Her mission has so far garnered the support of thousands on social media, with her next step clear – to approach Kilmarnock FC to discover if the event was arranged by the club.

Kilmarnock FC has been approached for comment.

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