Officer injured as missiles hurled during Bloody Sunday march

A large police presence was in place for the Glasgow event, which was organised by West of Scotland Band Alliance.

Officer injured as missiles hurled during Bloody Sunday march Pixabay

Two people have been arrested and a police officer injured during a republican march in Glasgow.

Hundreds of people took part in the procession commemorating Bloody Sunday through the city on Saturday, with a counter-protest also taking place.

The march to remember those who lost their lives was organised by the West of Scotland Band Alliance and set off at 11am.

There was a large police presence to prevent disturbances and the procession was paused on several occasions.

One officer suffered minor injuries as a result of missiles being thrown and two people were arrested for “minor disorder offences”.

Chief superintendent Mark Hargreaves said: “We can confirm that the procession concluded at its destination shortly after 1pm without significant incident.

“Officers dealt with minor disorder, including missiles being thrown, which resulted in minor injury to a police officer.

“The procession was stopped a number of times as a result of protest activity to mitigate any further incidents, ensure the safety of all persons involved, and the wider community.

“Two people have been arrested for minor disorder offences.”

Bloody Sunday saw British soldiers shoot 28 unarmed civilians during a protest march against internment in Derry, Northern Ireland, on January 30, 1972, resulting in 14 people dying.