No strikes by cleansing staff during COP26 after fresh offer made

The proposal will now be considered by members of the GMB Union.

No strikes by cleansing staff during COP26 after fresh offer made iStock

Cleansing workers will not strike during COP26 after a fresh pay offer was tabled by local government body COSLA.

GMB Union on Friday said that an offer had been made proposing a one-year, 5.89% increase for the lowest paid council staff, as part of a £1062 rise for all staff earning below £25,000.

The union indicated that the offer will now be subjected to a two-week consultation of its members.

Drew Duffy, GMB senior organiser, said that the offer having taken until the brink of COP26 “speaks volumes”.

“We have received a new offer from COSLA that will be subject to a two-week consultation of our members from Monday November 1, during which we have agreed to suspend strike action,” he said.

“While we are pleased that more money for key workers has been found at the 11th hour, the fact it’s taken to the brink of the COP to get this offer speaks volumes to our members.

“For months, COSLA said they couldn’t pay, and ministers said they wouldn’t pay, while staff have been attacked by political leaders for standing up for their services and value.

“Our members will now decide if this offer delivers that value, but it’s clear that ministers and employers must show far more respect to the people providing vital local services.”