No internet until Thursday for some after cable explosion

A power cable exploded "like a hand grenade" damaging the copper network which, Openreach said, is more complicated to repair.

No internet until Thursday for some after cable explosion Openreach

Some households and businesses will be without internet and phone services until late on Thursday as repairs continue in Glasgow’s east end.

Some people have had their online connections restored already after Openreach dispatched engineers to repair the faults first reported on Sunday night.

But after a power cable exploded “like a hand grenade” it damaged the copper network which, Openreach said, is more complicated to repair.

Each line needs to be reconnected individually the telecoms provided said, and this work will not be completed until late on Thursday, February 25.

Openreach said the ongoing disruption should only affect a minority of users as major repairs in Bridgeton continue.

A fault with an underground cable on Abercromby Street knocked-out digital services for thousands and also affected the electrical supplies of around 15 customers.

Power was restored within a few hours on Sunday night, but phone and internet services continue to be affected with Scottish Power working with Openreach to carry out repairs.

Engineers expect to have more fibre-based broadband restored by Tuesday night, with some people already back online.

Residents have been told that their routers may need to be rebooted and individual service providers should be able to offer assitance.

Openreach patch manager Andy Baillie said: “The power cable explosion was like a hand grenade going off underground, and the damage to one of our main East End cable routes is extensive.

“We’re working round the clock to get everyone back online as fast as we can. The repairs are complex but we’re making steady progress.

“We’re sorry for the ongoing disruption and thank residents for their patience and understanding while we work on the fix.”

A spokesperson for SP Energy Networks said: “We experienced an underground cable fault in the Bridgeton area on Sunday afternoon, affecting power supplies to around 15 customers.

“While power was restored within a few hours, we are aware the fault seems to have impacted a telecoms cable which lay underground nearby.

“We are supporting a team from Openreach to carry out a repair by identifying the exact location for them and isolating power so they can carry out their essential works safely.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”