Neighbours celebrate £270,000 postcode lottery win

Seven households in St Blane’s Drive in Rutherglen will divvy up the cash afteir their postcode was picked.

Neighbours celebrate £270,000 postcode lottery win People's Postcode Lottery

Seven neighbours in South Lanarkshire are celebrating this weekend after winning £270,000 in the People’s Postcode Lottery.

The St Blane’s Drive residents in Rutherglen share the cash after G73 2BD was announced as a winner on Sunday, with two households claiming £60,000 each.

Five others have been handed cheques for £30,000 each – including social worker Liz Keenan.

She was with her husband John when she discovered the win during a video call with lottery ambassador Danyl Johnson.

The 53-year-old said the pair will use their winnings to “eventually move to Spain” after also investing in a new bathroom for their current home.

Sunday’s draw was promoted on behalf of Unicef, with players having raised around £8.1m for the charity and more than £600m to date for thousands of other projects.

Ms Keenan added: “There’s a couple of charities that we’re thinking of sharing a wee bit with as well.

“I actually work in childcare so knowing it’s going back to the charities is good, £600m is really keeping these places going.

“I think it’s great that sort of money is going to the charities.”

Mr Johnson said: “Congratulations to Liz and all our other winners in Rutherglen.

“It sounds like a really friendly community and I’m so happy we could bring them this amazing news.”