‘Mother of God’: Cafe launches range of Line of Duty biscuits

The Glasgow cafe's empire biscuits have icing messages such as 'Bent copper' and ‘The letter of the law'.

‘Mother of God’: Cafe launches range of Line of Duty biscuits SWNS via SWNS

A Glasgow cafe has launched a range of Line of Duty biscuits decorated with phrases such as ‘Bent copper’ and ‘Mother of God’.

The jam-filled empire biscuits have icing messages such as ‘God give me strength, ‘Hastings like the battle’, and ‘The letter of the law’.

Staff at The Brooklyn Cafe in Shawlands said fans of the police drama have been stocking up on boxes of biscuits to eat during the TV show.

Employees at the cafe have been engrossed in the Martin Compston drama, prompting the idea for the baked goods.

The biscuits cost £2.20 each and sold out on Saturday, with more made for Sunday’s airing of the BBC drama and around 100 sold over the weekend.

General manager Jonny McDonald said: “We sold around 100 last weekend.

“We normally sell a lot anyway but this is probably about 50% more than we usually do.

“We always do personalised biscuits, normally for birthdays or special occasions but not often just for TV programmes.

“We do different themes each week, we have done random themes covering pretty much any topics.

“The owner, David, was going on about how good Line of Duty was last week so I told him to get it on the biscuits and the rest was a blur.

“We’re all engrossed in the show though, so it’s been really fun to design, and the response has been massive.

“The last time the biscuits went this crazy was the Tiger King biscuits early last lockdown.”

Johnny added: “We are going to do a load for this weekend then change the theme up after that.

“We plan to bring them back for the finale of season six on May 9 with a special finale box.”