Man crushed drugs into women's drinks at his home before sex attacks

Moneeb Ahmad took the two women home under false pretences before giving them alcohol laced with a cocktail of drugs.

Moneeb Ahmad crushed drugs into two women’s drinks at his home in Glasgow before sex attacks SNS Group

A man crushed drugs into two women’s drinks at his home before committing sex attacks on them.

Moneeb Ahmad, 54, preyed on the women at the property in Glasgow’s Gorbals in 2016 and 2021.

Ahmad took the pair home under false pretences before giving them alcohol laced with a cocktail of drugs.

The married dad removed the clothing of both of his victims while they were in a “state of incapacity.”

The two victims were later found to have drugs such as MDMA in their systems. 

Ahmad earlier targeted another woman in 2015 but she was able to escape after she called the police from his bathroom.

Ahmad was found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to two charges of assault.

He was also convicted of a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

The court heard Ahmad initially met the first woman aged 22 on a night out and took her home in May 2015.

Court papers state Ahmad attempted to coerce her into taking drugs and alcohol.

Ahmad touched her on the body, shouted, swore and acted in an aggressive manner towards her.

Ahmad claimed in his evidence that the woman was talking incoherently and threatened to get someone to “sort him out.”

Ahmad stated that the woman went into the downstairs toilet.

He claimed that he told her she could leave and he would wait upstairs for her to go.

He claimed that he banged down as a way to inform her that he was not nearby.

Ahmad stated that he waited 30 minutes before he went back downstairs as he believed she had left.

However, the police were at the front door and the woman was found still inside the property.

Prosecutor Sean Docherty put it to Ahmad that his version of events was “nonsense” and that the woman was “scared” due to his prior conduct.

He said: “She contacted the police and it was the police who let her out after seeing her in the bathroom distressed and shaken.”

Ahmad also admitted telling police officers at the time that he did not know that the woman was in the bathroom.

Ahmad went on to meet two women who he invited back to his home for “a party” in July 2016.

One of the women aged 23 left his home while another remained.

Ahmad claimed that the pair sat up chatting and watched music videos.

He stated that the woman later asked to go for a shower and he left her a T-shirt to change into.

Ahmad claimed that he did not see the woman again until the next day when he made her tea and toast.

The charge says Ahmad administered several controlled substances to her against her will then sexually assaulted her by removing her clothing while she was in a state of incapacity.

Mr Docherty asked Ahmad why the woman was crying and distressed at her friend’s work the next day.

He replied: “I can’t really answer that.”

Mr Docherty stated that MDMA, PMMA, Methylamphetamine and cannabis were found in her system.

Ahmad said: “I don’t know how you would get all of that into a drink.”

Mr Docherty: “I suggest that you crushed it up and mixed with vodka and cola and shortly after she blacked out.

“You took her upstairs and removed her clothes.”

Ahmad replied: “No.”

The fiscal depute also put it to Ahmad that the witness told the court that she doesn’t take drugs and did not take drugs on the night.

Ahmad stated that this was “not my impression.”

The hearing was then told that Ahmad visited a Glasgow University chess club in October 2021.

It is there that Ahmad met the third woman aged 22 while Ahmad was 52.

Ahmad took the woman home later that night.

He claimed that she was “one of the loveliest people I have ever met” and enjoyed her conversation.

Ahmad claimed that the woman was looking for part time work and even offered her to babysit for him.

He stated that the woman smoked a joint in his property and her behaviour changed towards him.

The charge says Ahmad administered several controlled substances against her will and sexually assaulted her by removing her tights while she was in a state of incapacity.

Ahmad denied spiking the woman’s drink and claimed that she spilled a glass of wine on herself.

He stated that the woman removed her own tights in the bathroom.

Ahmad also claimed that the woman suggested that she had taken drugs up her nose earlier that night.

The woman called her friend who also spoke to Ahmad.

He claimed to have asked her friend for their address to send her away in a taxi. 

The hearing was told MDMA and cocaine were found in the woman’s system.

Mr Docherty asked if Ahmad crushed up these drugs and put them in her drink without her knowing which he denied.

The fiscal added: “This was your modus operandi, this is your way of operating – these are not just separate charges – this is your way of operating.

“You meet people much younger than you at a casino, at Berkeley Suite and outside the Colonel’s Rest and you invite them under false pretences.

“Once there, you give the alcohol laced with drugs.

“The first woman had good sense not to take anything from you and managed to get out.

“The third woman had good sense to phone her friend and get out however the second woman didn’t, is that not the case?”

Ahmad: “The second woman asked to stay and did so on her own accord – she left in the afternoon while saying she was scared to be there but she left at 3pm.”

Sentence was deferred pending background reports until next month by Sheriff Paul Reid who continued Ahmad’s bail.

He said: “Don’t read anything into receiving bail.

“You have been convicted of extremely serious offences.

“While no decision has been made, you should expect to receive a substantial custodial sentence.”

Ahmad is now subject to notification requirements of the sex offenders register.

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