Married customer accused of stalking Spar shop assistant

Woman claimed David Jones, 53, kept tabs on her at a Spar store in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire.

Married customer accused of stalking Spar shop assistant Website

A former sales assistant told a court she is scared to be home alone after being allegedly stalked by a married customer.

The alleged victim claimed David Jones, 53, kept tabs on her at a Spar store in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire.

She said Jones would come into the shop five times a day and wait until she was alone to speak to her.

She stated that Jones, also of Lenzie, would comment on her make-up, ask her personal questions and park outside her nearby house.

Jones, who is on trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court, denies a single stalking charge against the woman between August and November 2019.

She told the court in evidence that Jones moved into the area in June 2019 and began coming into the shop.

She said: “He was coming into the shop more often when I was working alone.

“He was asking where things were in the shop when I thought he clearly knew where they were.

“I felt he was waiting on customers leaving the shop so he could be alone with me.”

Prosecutor Hannah Sweeney asked how frequently Jones visited the shop and she replied: “It was once or twice but in time that progressed to five times a day.”

She added that Jones would say he forgot his bank card or what he was in the shop to buy, in order to return.

She claimed she felt intimated by Jones who would ask where she lived.

She added: “He would comment on my make-up and my new Spar top.

“He would say that I looked nice today with make-up.”

She claimed there were occasions where Jones would wait outside the shop for her opening up at 7am.

She added that she asked her husband to come with her to open the shop in case Jones came in.

She told the court Jones was banned from the shop after she complained about him to her manager.

She added: “I was aware of him in the area around the shop or looking in the shop from across the street.

“After he got banned, he walked past the shop just staring or standing looking.”

She claimed he wouldn’t come into the shop after the ban but she would see him when they both walked their dogs.

She further alleged that Jones would stop his car near her house for five minutes.

Miss Sweeney asked how she felt about the incidents.

She replied: “Where I live, I can’t feel like I can go out or I would bump into him.

“I keep looking out my house and expect him to be in the street.

“I feel like I don’t want to be in my house anymore especially if I am alone.”

Lawyer, John Kilcoyne, defending, asked if Jones was being friendly and she replied: “I found him extremely intimidating.”

Mr Kilcoyne later asked if she was feeling oversensitive, and she replied: “No, I had been in the job for years and know how to speak to customers.”

The trial continues before Sheriff Stuart Reid next month.