Man set dog on police after attacking partner with leash

Lee Brasas, 31, lashed out at his partner in Glasgow's Shettleston on September 9 last year.

Man set dog on police after attacking partner with leash Website

A man who tried to set his dog on police officers after assaulting his partner with the pet’s lead has been jailed for three years.

Lee Brasas, 31, lashed out at his partner in Glasgow’s Shettleston on September 9 last year.

Police asked Brasas how aggressive his Staffordshire bull terrier was when trying to arrest him.

He replied “you will f*****g find out” before unleashing the dog, which ran at the constables.

Fortunately, they escaped unharmed before Brasas was tasered and arrested.

On Tuesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court, Brasas pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and having a dog chain without a reasonable excuse or lawful authority.

The court heard Brasas and his victim were at a takeaway when he pursued her.

Prosecutor Christopher Farrell said: “Brasas had his dog with him and a metal dog chain.

“While pursuing [the complainer] he swung the chain at her and struck her on her head and body.

“He then kicked her on the body.”

A 999 call was made and Brasas was traced by police while in possession of the chain.

Mr Farrell said: “Police asked if the dog was aggressive or not and he said ‘you will f*****g find out if he is friendly or not’.

“He then attempted to encourage the dog to attack the officers. The dog ran towards them but didn’t attempt to bite.”

Brasas swung the chain at the two officers but was pepper-sprayed before being tasered and arrested.

His partner meantime suffered a head wound and bruising to her rib but refused medical treatment.