Man jailed for kicking cousin down flight of stairs

John Ferguson told his relative after the attack that he did it because she was 'doing his head in'.

A man who broke his cousin’s ankle by kicking her down a flight of stairs because she was “doing his head in” has been jailed for 27 months.

John Ferguson, 28, assaulted Kathryn McDaid, 41, outside her partner’s flat in Glasgow’s Holmlea Road in April this year.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard the pair were drinking together and got into an argument which escalated.

Ferguson dragged his cousin to the hallway by her body and then took her to the top landing.

Prosecutor Amanda Gallagher said: “She stood up and the accused kicked her on the back and she fell down the flight of eight stairs.”

Ms McDaid made several attempts to get up, but was unable to walk.

She eventually managed to get back to her feet and was then helped into the flat.

Ms Gallagher said: “She asked why he assaulted her and he said she was doing his head in.”

Ms McDaid was later treated at hospital for a broken ankle and required a zimmer-frame.

On Monday, Ferguson pleaded guilty to the assault with severe injury.

In addition to the jail sentence, Sheriff Johanna Johnston QC ordered Ferguson to be placed under supervision for a year upon his release.