Man charged after lamb killed and another injured by dog

Pet owners have been warned of the impact of sheep worrying when dogs are off leads near livestock.

Man charged after lamb killed and another injured by dog in Ayrshire as police warn of livestock worrying Police Scotland

A man has been charged after a lamb was killed and another significantly injured by a dog in Ayrshire.

Police have warned pet owners to be aware of causing harm to livestock and say dogs should be controlled on a lead when walking nearby.

The incident, which occurred in the Kilmarnock area, follows similar reports of livestock “worrying” in the Kilbirnie area of North Ayrshire.

Harm to livestock, or sheep ‘worrying’, occurs when a dog attacks or leaves livestock distressed.

It can significantly affect an owner’s livelihood and result in criminal sanctions.

It is a particular problem when dogs are off their leads – or roaming without an owner or person in charge.

A police statement said: “Prevent your dog from approaching other animals by keeping them on a lead when in the countryside.

“The Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) (Scotland) Act 2021 tackles the issue of out-of-control dogs attacking and worrying livestock.

“Dog owners can be fined up to £40,000 or even sent to prison for up to 12 months.

“Police Scotland is committed to tackling rural crime and, in particular, livestock attacks and worrying. We chair, drive and focus activity for the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime.”