Man caught with homemade firearm stored in garden shed

Ricky Taylor is facing time in prison after police made the discovery at his house in Glasgow.

A man is facing jail after being caught with a homemade firearm in his garden shed.

Ricky Taylor was caught after a raid at his house in Royston, Glasgow on February 14 this year.

The 41 year-old told police: “Anything you find is mine anyway.”

Officers initially suspected drugs – but made a different discovery while searching the hut.

Prosecutor Leanne McQuillan told the High Court in Glasgow: “A detective saw lengths of steel pipe which appeared to have been modified into a homemade firearm in open view on a desk in a shed.”

A ballistics expert later concluded the piping was part of what was described as a “slam gun”.

It is a term often used for “improvised firearms”.

The hearing was also told it could be “inferred” that slam guns were “being manufactured in the shed”.

A host of other related items were discovered including a metal pole, grinder and soldering iron.

Ms McQuillan: “Taylor was interviewed and admitted ownership of the items recovered and to manufacturing the slam gun.”

The weapon is thought to be fired by two metal tubes – with a shotgun cartridge and other parts inside – being “slammed” together for it to be discharged.

The prosecutor: “They can be extremely dangerous as much to the user as to the target.”

Police further discovered £180 of herbal cannabis in a drawer.

Taylor, who had previously been locked up for assault, admitted to a firearms charge and will be sentenced next month.