Man accused of offering to help woman ‘take her own life’

Craig McInally, 29, appeared at the High Court in Glasgow on Thursday.

Man accused of offering to help woman ‘take her own life’ iStock

A man is to stand trial accused of trying to kill a woman having allegedly offered to help her take her own life.

Craig McInally, 29, faces the claim which allegedly occurred between November and December 2019.

He is said to have contacted the woman via the Sanctioned Suicide website and WhatsApp messaging service.

The indictment states McInally did offer her the drug diazepam to “assist with asphyxiation”.

McInally did allegedly then “induce her” to allow him to “assist with her suicide”.

He is said to have invited her to his home in Glasgow’s Ibrox.

It is claimed he then sexually assaulted her with further accusations including her being suspended by the neck from a cord attached to a ceiling pulley.

It is also alleged McInally got her to take off her clothes with her wrists then bound with handcuffs.

Lawyers for McInally had previously pled not guilty on his behalf to attempted murder at a hearing at the High Court in Glasgow.

It has been confirmed a trial has now been set for November 29 in Edinburgh.