Large numbers flock to park despite Covid-19 lockdown

Images posted on Sunday show long lines of cars at Motherwell's Strathclyde Country Park.

Large numbers flock to park despite Covid-19 lockdown

Large numbers of people have flocked to a park that was closed to cars due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Images posted online on Sunday show long lines of vehicles queueing to get into the car park or parked along the road at Strathclyde Country Park in Motherwell, in defiance of strict social distancing rules.

North Lanarkshire Council closed the popular beauty spot to motorists last week while still allowing pedestrians and cyclists to enter.

Under Covid-19 lockdown measures, people are allowed to go out for one form of exercise a day, such as cycling, running or walking your dog.

However, they are asked to “stay local” to the streets and areas near their home and avoid travelling unnecessarily.

Gatherings of more than two are only permitted if everyone involved is from the same household.

When out in public, people from different households are told to keep at least two metres away from one another.

Breaching social distancing rules is punishable by on-the-spot fines and even prosecution, with £60 fines in the first instance (or £30 if paid within two weeks), rising to £120 for repeat offenders.

Police Scotland declined to comment on the specific case.