Kids' heart-breaking experiences of racism to be shared across Scotland

After noticing a rise in racist incidents in the local area, the Newark Primary School formed an anti-racism group.

A group of primary school pupils from Port Glasgow have shared their own heart-breaking experiences of racism in a bid to raise awareness and help others.

Teachers and children from Newark Primary School have put them together in an animated film, which will be shown in schools across Scotland, in an attempt to stamp out prejudice.

After noticing a rise in racist incidents in the local area, the school formed an anti-racism group.

Katie D’Souza, the teacher who led the project, said: “We started the club about two years, we had a campaign that went right across the area. We got a little bit of exposure and it really helped the children’s confidence grow.

“They wanted to do more to promote anti-racism. The children lent their voices, talked about their experiences, and drew out their feelings for the film. It’s been emotional.”

Ms D’Souza, who was recently named joint winner of the General Teaching Council’s Saroj Lal Award for her pioneering work challenging discrimination, applied for grant funding to enable the school to hire animator Hannah Moitt to help with the film.

She added: “It’s something that really touched a nerve for me as a teacher of colour, it brought back a lot of feelings. I’ve got a duty to do something about it.”