Parliament committee seeks views on issues facing rural healthcare

Ministers hope to hear from those living in rural areas and health staff on how services could be improved.

Government committee seeks views on issues facing rural healthcare iStock

MSPs are seeking views on issues people in rural areas face accessing healthcare.

The Health, Social Care and Sport Committee has launched an inquiry and hopes to hear from those who live in rural areas as well as staff working in the health service on how provision could be improved.

The consultation will close on August 11.

Committee convener Clare Haughey said: “Scotland’s geography means much of its healthcare is accessed and delivered in remote and rural areas and that’s why the committee is keen to hear of the specific issues impacting healthcare services in these locales.

“We want to hear the experiences of individuals and representatives from remote and rural areas, and from those who work or have worked in remote and rural healthcare, on what they think the particular challenges facing the sector are.

“Our inquiry aims to provide a platform for the views of those in remote and rural areas to be heard and our committee is keen to hear from as wide a range of organisations and individuals as possible.

“Sharing your views will help the committee better understand the varied and particular issues facing rural and remote healthcare services and help our scrutiny of the Scottish Government and other key stakeholders in their approach to delivering healthcare in these areas.”

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