Trinity Tower exclusion zone to be lifted more than ten weeks on

Residents from the surrounding properties will be able to return to their homes, but Trinity Tower will remain on lockdown.

Glasgow’s Trinity Tower exclusion zone to be lifted and some residents allowed back into their homes STV News

The exclusion zone around Glasgow’s Trinity Tower is set to be lifted more than ten weeks after residents were forced out of their homes due to safety fears.

However, Trinity Tower itself will remain on lockdown.

Residents from the building and surrounding properties were evacuated following Storm Malik on January 29.

They were given just 15 minutes to gather essentials and leave after the strong winds triggered a sensor over Trinity Tower’s stability.

Last month, many of the residents caught within the cordon in the Park Circus area of the city remained in temporary accommodation.

While some have been able to stay with family and friends, others have had to rent.

On Monday, Glasgow City Council confirmed the exclusion zone will begin to be removed on a phased basis from Wednesday.

Residents outwith Trinity Tower will be able to return to their homes from 3pm.

Those who live within the Trinity Tower building itself will have to wait longer before they can return to their property.

In a statement, the council said: “Following discussions with the contractors carrying out temporary stabilisation works on the Trinity Tower and inspection by the council’s Building Standards and Public Safety officers, it has been confirmed that the works are now nearing completion, and as a result the exclusion zone around the site will begin to be removed on Wednesday.

“This means that affected residents from properties outwith the Trinity building will be able to return to their homes from 3pm on April 13 as walkways reopen.

“The residents of the Trinity building will return to their homes when it is judged that there is no longer a danger to anyone occupying it.

“The council continues to engage with the owners’ representatives to ensure matters move forward as quickly as possible.”

Walkways within the cordon are expected to reopen by 3pm on Wednesday. Vehicular access will follow and should be re-established by Friday.

The council added: “Residents who have not already had the opportunity to collect essential items will – subject to assessment – be given access to their homes and businesses for a strictly limited time to do so after the phased reopening of the streets on Wednesday.”

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