Police officers help deliver baby boy on Glasgow roadside

A women who was close to giving birth in the back of a car had her baby delivered by two officers.

Glasgow police officers Stevie Fergus and Guy Rawson deliver baby boy during routine patrol on Southside’s Maxwell Road iStock
Special delivery: The two officers have been praised for their quick thinking

A baby was delivered at the side of the road by two “quick-thinking” police officers after they were flagged down by a member of the public in Glasgow Southside.

Officers PC Stevie Fergus and PC Guy Rawson were on a routine patrol on Maxwell Road, Glasgow when they noticed a “distressed” man flagging them down.

It was then discovered that the man’s wife had gone into labour in the back of their car, and there was not much time left before the baby was delivered.

The two officers took action and helped to safely deliver the baby boy before the ambulance arrived at the scene.

PC Fergus made sure that the baby’s airways were clear and rubbed his back until he began crying.

Police Scotland have now confirmed that the mother and child were both taken by ambulance to hospital and are both doing well.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Working for Police Scotland can be exciting and dynamic, we never really know what can be around the corner or what might be coming next.

“Two police officers from Glasgow know just how true that can be when they stopped to assist a member of the public and ended up delivering a baby boy.

“The quick-thinking officers realised that there wasn’t much time before the special delivery and helped deliver a baby boy prior to the ambulance arriving. When the little bundle arrived, PC Fergus made sure his airways were clear and rubbed his back until he started crying.

“The officers delivered the baby safely. Mother and child were taken by ambulance to hospital and are both doing well.”