Care worker struck off after 'unqualified friend covered shift'

Olumide Chris Ajileye was employed as an agency worker by Staffscanner in July 2022, when the incident occurred.

Glasgow care worker struck off after ‘unqualified friend covered shift’ iStock

A Glasgow care worker who asked his unqualified friend to cover a shift on short notice has been struck off.

Olumide Chris Ajileye was employed as an agency worker by Staffscanner in July 2022, when the incident occurred.

The health care assistant was due to work at Chester Park Care Home on or around July 11, when he arranged for an “unknown friend” to cover the shift instead.

The individual, who has not been named, was not known by management or fellow staff, and was not registered as a care worker with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC).

As a result, Ajileye was found to have left residents at the home at risk of harm.

A hearing by the watchdog determined his fitness to practise was impaired.

The SSSC stated that, while being unable to cover shifts on short notice – especially as an agency worker – was understandable, he should have informed the home and his employer instead of asking a friend.

Further, it said that the motivation behind his actions appeared to be avoiding a penalty fee for the late cancellation of a scheduled shift.

The SSSC added: “Your behaviour could also have placed the residents of that care home at risk.

“Had this unidentified person been able to carry out your shift, they would likely have been required to carry out intimate personal care and to have been alone with residents.

“Your behaviour raises concerns about your attitude and your values as you failed to be open and honest and to consider the safety of the residents.

“The residents had the right to expect that the staff on shift to support them within their own home were employees of or known to that care home, had been fully vetted and had been trained to carry out the duties required of them.”

The SSSC concluded that, since Ajileye’s actions could have damaged the reputation of the profession, he would be removed from the register effective January 3.

A spokesperson for Chester Park said: “Our staff immediately became suspicious on the arrival of the substitute agency carer, who left the home only minutes afterwards, having at no time interacted with any resident.”

Staffscanner has been approached for comment.