Four people hit with fines for gathering in Glasgow park

Police Scotland posted an image online of four people breaching new Covid-19 social distancing laws.

Four people hit with fines for gathering in Glasgow park Police Scotland

Four people have received anti-social behaviour (ASB) tickets after gathering in Glasgow’s Pollok Park.

Police Scotland’s helicopter unit posted an image online of the offenders, who breached new emergency laws to enforce social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon.

Sharing the picture, the force tweeted: “Our message is clear: STAY AT HOME.”

Police Scotland’s chief constable Iain Livingstone insisted the levels of compliance with the new rules have so far been “fantastic”.

He told the BBC on Friday: “The issue of younger people who will undoubtedly be getting a bit stir crazy having to remain at home – we know naturally they like to congregate in larger groups at that age.

“I would encourage them, and their parents, their carers and everyone, to try to use the multitude of mechanisms now to maintain contact.

“Whether it’s Houseparty… all sorts of apps that I have discovered in the last two or three days, that allow people to keep in touch and keep in contact.

“I do recognise there’s a need for people to maintain social contact, it’s important for mental health and their own well-being to maintain relationships.

“But it can’t be done in public.”

Those who breach the guidelines can be told to return home by police, with fines and prosecution possible for those who fail to comply.

People who open pubs or restaurants during the Covid-19 lockdown also face police action and closure orders.