Fire at hospital ‘likely caused’ by discarded cigarette

The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital was evacuated around 9.20am as fire crews attended.

Fire at hospital ‘likely caused’ by discarded cigarette SWNS

A small fire likely caused by a discarded cigarette has been extinguished at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QUEH) in Glasgow.

The facility had to be evacuated around 9.20am on Wednesday as fire crews were called to the scene.

It has since been confirmed the fire was “accidental” and was probably a result of an “inappropriately discarded cigarette”.

A statement from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said: “This morning at around 9.20am our security teams provided an immediate response to a fire alarm at the QEUH and extinguished a small fire outside of the main building.

“The fire was accidental and likely caused by an inappropriately discarded cigarette.

“Thanks to our established fire safety protocols and the quick response of our team, there were no injuries and the fire was quickly extinguished.

“While the fire service completes necessary follow up assessments and safety checks, a number patients and staff have been temporarily evacuated from the building.”