Ferret that lost leg after being found injured in field seeks new home

One-year-old ferret Lawrie has been in the care of the Scottish SPCA in Glasgow for 40 days.

Ferret that lost leg after being found injured in field near Glasgow seeks new home SPCA

A ferret that had to have one of its legs amputated after being found injured in a field is in need of a loving new home.

One-year-old ferret Lawrie, who has been in the care of the charity’s Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre for 40 days, is looking for a new start this new year.

The three-legged animal was taken in by the Scottish SCPA after being found injured and hobbling in a field himself.

Lawrie, despite losing a leg, is described as “not letting anything get him down” and the charity is seeking a house on one level to support his needs.

Rachel Mansfield, assistant centre manager, said: “This loveable chap arrived with us after being found wandering around in a field by himself.

“Unfortunately, he had sustained some injuries which has resulted in Lawrie having to have a forelimb amputation.

“This doesn’t hold him back however, as he has been nothing but friendly, loving and very inquisitive with the staff who have been looking after him.

“Because Lawrie is adjusting to his new life with three legs, we are looking for a home for him where his housing can be on one level to prevent him from struggling up and down.

“Lawrie doesn’t let anything get him down and loves to spend his time by playing with his toys then settling by wrapping up in a cosy blanket for a nap.”