FedEx introduces e-cargo delivery bikes to Glasgow and Edinburgh

They will be the first Scottish cities to use the electric bikes, after being introduced in London to replace diesel vehicles.

FedEx introduces e-cargo delivery bikes to Glasgow and Edinburgh Supplied

FedEx Express has introduced e-cargo bikes as part of their delivery fleet serving Glasgow and Edinburgh city centres.

The move comes following the introduction of the electric bikes to its permanent operations in London – where they have replaced diesel vehicles for deliveries in the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone.

FedEx, who says it is targeting cities with a ‘strong cycling culture’, said the introduction of the zero emission bikes will help meet growing demand for deliveries while reducing the environmental impacts caused by other modes of transportation.

The courier service announced it has a global target for 50% of all vehicles to be electric by 2025 – rising to 100% by 2030.

Alun Cornish, FedEx operations managing director in Europe said: “Electric cargo bikes will fulfil a sustainable last-mile delivery solution for customers in and around Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Cambridge City Centres.

“Earlier FedEx pilots in the cities made the case for transitioning to two wheels, proving an effective alternative to vans thanks to their ability to take shorter, faster routes.

“We see real potential for e-cargo bikes to complement and work alongside our motorised vehicle fleet as we strive to make zero-emissions deliveries our standard.”