Euros fan zone dismantled after 31 days of football action

The site at Glasgow Green marked a return for live entertainment in the city as Covid restrictions continue to ease.

Glasgow’s Euros fan zone is being dismantled after 31 days of football action.

The site at Glasgow Green marked a return for live entertainment in the city with public health officials working closely with the council to make the event as safe as possible.

It is hoped this will pave the way for more events soon as Covid restrictions continue to ease.

Councillor David McDonald told STV News: “I think it’s fantastic that yet again Glasgow has been part of another international sporting event, helping to cement the city’s reputation as one of the top five global sporting cities.

“There’s been some real moments of highs and national pride for all of us, there’s been some heartache along the way as well for Scotland but it’s been fantastic having Scotland back in international football and Glasgow being part of such a major international event has just lifted the spirits of everyone in the city.”

Up to 6000 football fans gathered to watch the matches on the big screens at the city’s beauty spot.

The Scottish Government sent rapid lateral flow tests to around 17,000 ticketholders in a bid to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 before and after the event. 

Cllr McDonald said: “This fan zone as well as the wider Euros was part of a national gateway for events returning so there’s been a huge amount of cooperation between the city council, the Scottish Government and public health.

“All of the agencies of government have been involved to make sure this event was as safe as possible at a time of a global pandemic.

“Every possible precaution we could take was taken.

“The learning from this event will now help rollout live events across Scotland.

“It is important the lessons that we take from this are shared as the industry has been hit really hard over the last year.”

Ahead of opening Professor Jason Leitch, Scotland’s national clinical director, said “there will have to be a reverse gear” if clusters of virus cases are linked to the fan zone.

He said the fan zone is a “gateway event” as part of the move out of lockdown.

He said: “I think they’ve done a good job. It’s not zero risk, the fan zone cannot be zero risk.

“The only way to take away all of the risk of Covid is to lock the city down, not let any crowds in the fan zone or the stadium.

“That’s not what I think the pandemic stage we’re at suggests.”