‘Creepy’ man behind bars after sex attacks on four women

Parvinder Singh raped one victim and sexually assaulted three others in the space of just over a month in Glasgow's west end.

‘Creepy’ man behind bars after sex attacks on four women iStock

A man who carried out sex attacks on four young women is behind bars.

Parvinder Singh raped one victim and sexually assaulted three others in the space of just over a month in Glasgow’s west end.

The 36-year-old told jurors how he had been on the streets during the early hours of the morning hoping to “make friends”.

The Indian-born chef was eventually snared at his home near where the crimes occurred.

Singh – who was in Scotland illegally – was convicted of the attacks on Monday following a trial at the High Court in Glasgow.

He was remanded in custody pending sentencing next month.

The crimes occurred between September 15 and October 31, 2019. All the victims were strangers.

Singh first targeted a 20-year-old woman in the city’s Chancellor Street as she was out walking her dog.

He asked if she had a boyfriend and would like to go to a local park.

The woman added: “He grabbed me by the arm, pulled me by the neck towards him then grabbed me by the bum.

“He was trying to kiss my face.

“My flatmate came into view and he just let go. He started calmly walking away, then said ‘thank you, have a good night’.”

She described her attacker as “creepy and sleazy”.

A 21-year-old student was molested on October 17 as she walked home alone from the Sanctuary nightclub in the city’s Partick.

She recalled: “I yelled and he ran away.”

Singh next struck a week later, initially asking a 24-year-old woman for a lighter in the city’s Cranworth Street before making an inappropriate remark.

She then told the court: “I tried pulling away and all I remember thinking was this is where I get raped. I shut down and completely froze.

“I just shut my eyes. My friend saw us and told him to f*** off and he made his way.”

Singh raped his final victim – aged 20 – on Halloween in Glasgow’s Sutherland Lane.

The distressed victim called her mother after the incident.

Singh gave evidence during the trial via an interpreter.

Prosecutor Shanti Maguire put to him: “Can you explain why these four episodes all happened at this time in the morning?”

Singh responded: “I was very drunk, I was there to make some friends and take them back to my house.”

Ms Maguire went on to ask: “You wanted to meet someone in the street and take them back to have sex with them?”

Singh responded: “Yes.”

He insisted the rape victim was “exaggerating” her ordeal.

The advocate depute asked: “Is it not the case she was asking for you to let her go and you were holding on to her?”

Singh responded: “No.”

Singh – who lived in Partick at the time – was found guilty of raping the final victim and three charges of sexual assault.

Lord Richardson placed him on the sex offenders’ list and deferred sentencing until next month in Livingston.