Covid fears over crowded corridor and school playground

One West Dunbartonshire parent said he intends to keep his daughter off school.

Covid fears over crowded corridor and school playground

A concerned parent is planning to keep his daughter off school following fears over a lack of social distancing.

West Dunbartonshire Council has admitted teachers struggled to keep on top of congestion after an image was posted online that showed dozens of students crammed into a corridor at St Peter the Apostle High School in Clydebank.

The local authority said the image was taken on the first day pupils returned to the school and as they tried to adapt to the new systems in place.

The council said the health and wellbeing of the children is its “top priority”.

One parent, whose daughter attends the school, showed STV News pictures of a crowded dining hall and playground where social distancing was not being maintained.

He said: “I am personally going to be keeping my child off school as both me and my wife fall into the vulnerable group. 

“We also think it must be extremely difficult for the teaching staff and indeed the wider school staff to work in this environment.”

The council said its schools have introduced areas where pupils can remain safely indoors in small groups during times of poor weather.

Other measures put in place include one-way systems and the movement of teachers between classrooms rather than students.

A West Dunbartonshire Council spokesperson said: “The health and wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority and we continually review guidance to ensure our pupils’ safety while at school.

“These images were taken on the first day all pupils returned to the building together and as they tried to adapt to the new systems in place.

“If senior management teams notice any congestion, they review and make alterations as required. 

“All our schools operate a one-way system inside the buildings and we have also implemented a new policy for teachers to move between classrooms instead of pupils.

“West Dunbartonshire Council regularly reviews school safety guidance to ensure that the measures we have in place are effective and offer a practical approach to maintaining physical distancing where possible.”